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This varied tour explores the two contrasting sides of the city of Hyuga, from the alleyways and old wooden buildings of an ancient fishing village, to a spectacular coastal park where nature reigns supreme, pausing for a visit to a local souvenir shop.

Was wir ansehen
  • Mimitsu fishing village
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Cape Hyuga Green Park

Was wir erleben
  • Our first destination is the fishing village of Mimitsu. Once a settlement in its own right, the village is now part of Hyuga and offers visitors an opportunity to witness Japan’s rural heritage.
  • Emerging unscathed from the bombings of the Second World War, the village is a pristine example of the traditional architecture that dates back over a hundred years: as we walk along the ancient stone of the paved streets, we will admire the distinctive white-washed buildings and wood-fronted shops and houses preserved in their original state.
  • Our next stop is a local souvenir shop where we can browse local Japanese crafts and everyday items.
  • Our final destination is Cape Hyuga Green Park, a stunning expanse of greenery that overlooks the ocean below the plateau of Mount Komenoyama, where we will bid farewell to the spectacular natural wonder of this fascinating region before returning to the ship.


Deutschsprachige Reiseleiter stehen leider nicht zur Verfügung, der Ausflug wird in English durchgeführt.

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